We now offer virtual visits! Western Michigan Pediatrics has partnered with Care Convene to provide secure at-home virtual visits. Please call our office at 616-949-6112 (Cascade) or 616-457-3510 (Jenison) to speak with one of our nursing staff to determine if a virtual visit is appropriate for one of our providers to evaluate your child. The same office charges and co-pays apply and your insurance will be billed at the end of the visit. 

Care Convene Step-by-Step Process for Patients

  1. Download Care Convene app (for patients)
  2. Open app once downloaded
  3. Click “Register”
  4. Click “I will register myself”
  5. You will arrive at the Registration Page
  6. Complete Registration information-Please note, the registration to be completed is the PARENT'S demographics if the patient is under the age of 18
  7. Provider code is WMPEDS
  8. Once registration is completed, you will receive notification of Success!
  9. Log into the provided email address to verify
  10. Click the “Verify” to finish registration (this must be done within 10 minutes of receiving the email)
  11. Go to the sign-in screen and enter email address and password to login
  12. “Allow” all notifications from Care Convene that may pop up throughout this process
  13. Click “Settings”
  14. Click “Dependents”
  15. Click “+ Dependents”
  16. Complete dependent information 
  17. Save changes
  18. Click “Visit” at the bottom of the page
  19. Click “Tap to begin”
  20. Choose the patient the visit is for
  21. Choose the provider with whom you have an appointment with
  22. Choose “Now”
  23. Choose “Reason for visit”
  24. Take Self Assessment
  25. Complete all self assessment questions
  26. Click “Request Visit”
  27. Check “Yes” to request visit
  28. Complete address, preferred pharmacy, and gender ASAP while waiting for the provider to respond. This is a very important step. The e-visit cannot be started without all 3 completed
  29. Please wait until you receive a message that states “Dr____ is ready to see you”
  30. Click “Ok”
  31. There may be pop-ups asking for permission to allow Care Convene to access your camera, microphone, etc. Please allow Care Convene this permission
  32. Click “Accept Video Chat” to start the e-visit with the provider

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